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An artist’s niche


The enjoyment of art is subjective

The person whose mind is bewitched by such entertainment,

Exposed to a whole new world of possibilities.


Like the photographer’s enthralling camera,

A device that covey’s the world the photographer sees to others

A mode of expressive art

An expression of the innerworkings of someone’s mind.


Like a captivating television,

A picture device used to entertain, sell, and persuade

A box of lights, pictures, and colors that express the crafts of others

A relentless form of entertainment.


Like an immersive book,

A bind of pages with words that bring worlds and characters to life

A capture of the twisted innerworkings of the artist’s mind

An alluring form of escape.


Each individual finds joy in their own understanding of entertainment

Feeding an addiction to the fulfillment of an adventure-longing mind.


The adventure in creating one’s own reality

The ideals expressed in forms of art

The subjectiveness of the human mind

Expressiveness in artwork, entertainment, and literature

For others to enjoy a concept of one’s worldly understandings

Painter’s Perfection


Clouds cover the painter’s canvas

Pictured so perfectly they seem to move across the frame

A capture of a warm, memorable day

The carnival scene pictured in perfect imagery

Leaves litter the littered lane

Crowds of people lingering in enjoyment of the festivity

There is talent in producing such immense detail

Cotton candy coats the kid’s mouth

The people on the canvas a near exact image of their real-life selves

The plush puppy’s picture was perfectly pristine

It’s details so exact the fabric is felt without touch

The carnival scene painting, a capture of the mundane human experience

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